Tuesday, August 09, 2016

"We Set the Roof on Fire, We Set the Roof on Fire"

There's only one way to listen to Rae Sremmurd's music and that's all the way turnt up. To be clear, you have to have at least a few drinks in you to be able to get into their music. I can count on one hand songs I like of theirs and when I'm in to the mood to hear those songs, they're my favorite. Feel free and add Set the Roof to that playlist with others like with No Type and Come Get Her.

Before you start testing the high end of your speakers with the track below, let me point out one thing. A great deal of the awesomeness of this track can be directly attributed to Mike Will AND DJ Mustard. Both are stellar in their own right, but when they combine forces, it's GAME OVER. Shoot, you might even get a little nostalgic with all the Lil Jon can and response screams on the hook. Hopefully this one finds you in the right state of mind and you're able to crank it on your commute home...#SetTheRoof

Rae Sremmurd feat Lil Jon - Set the Rood (prod by Mike Will & DJ Mustard)


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