Saturday, August 13, 2016

Plenty of Soulful Funk to Go Around on GRiZ's Before I Go

What a great week for funky new EDM! First we got a new one from Big Gigantic, now its GRiZ's turn to let loose his new single, Before I Go. Featuring some soulful vocals from Leo Napier, the new single has a distinct live band feel to it that is downright infectious. Don't work though EDM fans, there are a few build ups and saxophone drops that will make you feel right at home along the way. If you were to describe to me smooth dance music, this is the type of song I'd envision. The line it walks between funk, dance and jazz is something that makes the music GRiZ puts out special. Feel free and add this one to your latest Spotify playlist for your upcoming Dolores Park day...#BeforeIGo

GRiZ feat Leo Napier - Before I Go


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