Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"Give it to Me Twice"

What I like most about Party Favor is his lacking of allegiance to any type of music. When you think about it, it makes sense that an artist named Party Favor would focus solely on party music. Maybe that is a genre, but his constant mix of Hip Hop and rowdy electronic music is always chalked full of energy. I say that, but out of the six tracks on his Party Music EP, Give it to Me Twice is by far the least rowdiest. That's not a bad thing at all when you reel in the vocals of Sean Kingston and a verse from Rich the Kid. I wouldn't characterize it is as Trop House, but the laid back island vibe offers plenty of room for chillin'. The post-hook drop is what you'll remember, though. The high-pitched, almost tribal, Major Lazer sounding synths are as catchy as you'll find. Hate on it for it's easy-listening vibe, but you can understand why Party would lead the EP with this single worthy hit...#GiveItToMeTwice

Party Favor feat Sean Kingston & Rich The Kid - Give It To Me Twice


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