Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cashmere Cat Ventures Off the Reservation With Wild Love

I'm the kind of person that's fascinated with different. When others are turning away or hating on music because it's not something they're used to hearing, I'm wondering why and moving toward it. Cue up that new "experimental" track by Cashmere Cat that plays more like a interlude than a single. Wild Love attempts to flip on it's head your formulaic mental model of a song by layering synths, hymn-like repetitious harmony, and plenty of vocal distortion. It's the type of sound I'm starting to associate with Francis and the Lights music because the vibe reminds me of their recent single, Friends. If you're itching for a standout performance from The Weeknd, check your expectations before pressing play because it's more of a cameo than a feature. Still, I can't help but listen to it and appreciate its uniqueness. Will it be a song I seek out to listen? Probably not, but it'll be a song I share with others and make them listen to because I'm interested in their reaction. Feel free and deploy it as such or hate on it like your friends, whatever floats your boat kind reader of this post...#WildLove

Cashmere Cat feat The Weekend & Francis and the Lights - Wild Love


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