Sunday, August 21, 2016

Drum and Queso from Two of the Best

I'm a sucker for good drum and bass. That's a big reason why I always seem to take the bait whenever Caspa and Rusko put out something new. Their new one, Cheese, delivers an energetic vibe loaded with a catchy vocal sample and steady mainline of synths and percussion. At first they lure you in with vibrant piano chords and a vocal sample tease, but it eventually gives way to controlled craziness with the ability to ear worm its way into your dome. It's like The Prodigy meets Keys N Krates, which is a match made in heaven. Give this one a look on iTunes or Spotify and while you're at it, give their recent three song EP 1 a listen...#Cheese

Caspa & Rusko - Cheese


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