Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Skylar Grey Prefers the Road Less Traveled

I have a short list of artists that I will follow into battle no matter where they decide to go with their music. For reference, I used to think Drake was on that short list, but nowadays I like about half of the stuff he puts out. On the other hand, Skylar Grey can do no wrong in my eyes because she still has yet to put out a track that I can't vibe out to. It doesn't matter if she is slowing it up with a ballad, singing a hook for a high profile collabo or putting out a mid-tempo, inspirational new single because she always finds a way to excel at making emotionally provocative music.

Off Road is the latest example of pushing her sound to places she hasn't quite gone before. Although her music is undeniably provocative, her latest single showcases a much more mellow and adventurous side. There's a clear undercurrent of wanderlust baked into the lyrics that fit well with the carefree, electro-pop vibe of the track. In case you're wondering her new Natural Causes album is due out in about a month on September 23rd, so there's plenty more new music on the way to get excited about. Me, I'm so excited that I'll be seeing her next show in about a month when she visits the Bay Area...#OffRoad

Skylar Grey - Off Road


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