Thursday, August 11, 2016

Porter Robinson & Madeon Are Going on Tour Together

In a world where the majority of money made by artists happen on tour, I wish more tour based collaborations occurred. Maybe it's more the exception than the rule, but occasionally two well-known acts decide to take their act on the road together. When they do, it seems like a golden opportunity to spice up the live act by tag teaming a track on stage.

I bring up tour collabos because Porter Robinson and Madeon are about to embark on a tour together. Today when they announced the tour, they also shared a new single they did together that's coincidentally the same name as their tour. The Shelter tour will include 17 stops and you can bet they'll be blasting the track below together on stage at some point during the show. The track is exactly as melodic and jubilant as you'd expect from two EDM artists who have made their name with high pitched vocal samples and soothing drops. Both of their unique sounds are reflected in the track, yet the mix of styles is seamless. Needless to say, it's clear these guys are pretty good friends and they'll be a fun watch in concert...#Shelter

Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter


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