Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Missing Avicii? Have No Fear, Syn Cole Has Your Back

Those who were heartbroken over Avicii's retirement must be feeling like a huge void in the melodic house music space. To those fans, I say worry not because Syn Cole is about the best proxy you're going to find for inspirational, feel good EDM. His new single Follow Me is a stellar effort featuring the vocals of acoustic artist Joshua Radin. Between the piano lead in, the soulful vocals, and ever-so-bubbly chord progression post-drop, this has all the makings of a Top 40 hit. It's the type of track that I'll have on heavy repeat for the coming weeks because of it's easy-listening vibrance. Do yourself a favor and cop the original version on iTunes or the more clubby version a listen or better yet, add it to your recent Spotfiy playlist like I did...#FollowMe

Syn Cole feat Joshua Radin - Follow Me


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