Friday, August 12, 2016

Videos of the Week August 12th

Wide range of awesomeness in this week's top five y'all. Led by the inspirational and incredibly well done video by Nike featuring Chance the Rapper. The track is called We the People and it couldn't have been any more appropriate for the Olympics. Kudos to Nike for pulling together the talent and visuals they do to produce such a well-timed video for their Unlimited Together campaign.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, lyric videos are the new low budget music video. Similar to what Thomas Jack did with Rise Up, all you need is some scenery that will amplify the tunes and you're golden. Completely switching gears from lyric videos, Gallant and Jack Garratt got to show off their skills with their in-studio performance of Janet Jackson's I Get Lonely. Gallant is such a talented vocalist, it's nuts. Speaking of talented artists, Anderson .Paak continues to do things that Hip Hop artists traditionally don't do. Like for example a three in one music video that's almost like a movie when combined together. Loved his cheesy curtains drop transitions between videos. And last but not least, your dose of comedy for the week from Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon. Haven't seen anyone live lip sync someone rapping before, but now I know what it sounds like thanks to Seth and the legendary Roots crew...#LipSyncBattle
Chance the Rapper Nike: Unlimited Together

Thomas Jack & Jasmine Thompson - Rise Up (Lyric Video)

Jack Garratt x Gallant - I Get Lonely (Janet Jackson Cover)

Anderson .Paak – The Season / Carry Me / The Waters (Video)

Fallon and Seth Rogen Get in a Lip Sync Battle

Photo Credit: YouTube


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