Sunday, August 07, 2016

Chalk Up Another Opus to Deadmau5 on Saved

After a long lull of new music, it appears that he's coming out of hibernation. Sure, point to all the experimental Soundcloud releases and call that new music if you'd like, but when a perfectionist like Joel deems something as worthy of being a single, I take note. His new track, Saved will be released as the lead track on the upcoming We Are Friends, Vol. 5 compilation. It deserves to stand alongside long form classics of his like Strobe because of how it gradually unfolds and builds piece by piece over the course of almost ten minutes. It first sounds like a lullaby, but then the slightly haunting synths come in as if they were announcing a new chapter in the track. People who don't appreciate his music will call it monotonous, but those who dig in appreciate the subtleties that make his music so complex and unique. Down with the formulaic hooks and drops, this isn't your garden variety EDM track. Instead, listen to it like you were casually reading a novel because there are few who can tell a story through synths like deadmau5...#Saved


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