Saturday, August 06, 2016

"It's a Friday, I'm Bout To Go Off"

Very few things entertain me more than when Hip Hop and EDM artists cross paths. When the two genres mash together, tempo is always what I notice first. Is it toned down to accommodate the Hip Hop verses or do they gear up in anticipation of the drop? It's never the same formula, but it seems like this heavy bass, Trap sound is becoming the meet in the middle point.

When you listen to The Half, you may find yourself wondering how DJ Snake was involved. That's not a criticism at all, I just didn't think of him as a capable Hip Hop producer. That changed after this one and his other new one with Travis Scott, Oh Me Oh My. Loaded with Swizz Beats ad libs, a hype hook by Jeremih and a Young Thug verse to give it some street cred, there's a lot to offer. I haven't given it a full listen, but I'm really excited about DJ Snake's new album, Encore. It's not your typical album with filler tracks between singles, there's quality mixed throughout. Follow me over to Spotify to give it a full lap...#Encore

DJ Snake feat Swizz Beatz, Young Thug & Jeremih - The Half


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