Friday, August 26, 2016

Videos of the Week August 26th

There was a whole lot of straight up caucasian, whiteness to this week's top five. It all started with DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels video for Nobody Speak where a bunch of white politicians decided to duke it out. From there it got a lot less violent, but still stayed blanco with a new video from G-Eazy for Calm Down and another more than mildly entertaining video from Lil Dicky and Gronk. Those two need to go on tour together, straight up.

And for your usual late night fix, both Seth Myers and Fallon delivered the goods with entertaining guests. Current favorite Jon Bellion continued his rampage through pop culture with another rousing performance of All Time Low. Saying he's safe bet to rise to super stardom isn't even a bet anymore, it's simply a matter of when. Speaking of super-stardom, you're not going to find anyone more talented than Donald Glover. Not only is Atlanta on the horizon, he's also got an album and unique album debut concert experience coming up. I believe in all that is Childish Gambino, so count me in on whatever he decides to be a part of...#Pharos

DJ Shadow feat Run the Jewels - Nobody Move (Video)

G-Eazy - Calm Down (Video)

Lil Dicky and Big Daddy Gronk Talk Physique vs Technique

Jon Bellion Performs All Time Low on Late Night With Seth Myers
Jimmy Fallon Interviews Donald Glover on Fallon Tonight

Photo Credit: YouTube


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