Wednesday, June 01, 2016

"Even When I Lose My Head, Guillotine"

As I continue to put all my chips to the center of the table on Jon Bellion, I feel like it's become my duty to continually shout out his new album that's dropping in about a week on June 10th. Even though The Human Condition isn't his first album, you better believe it will be his break through album. He's done too many great things in the studio over the past few months for people to continue sleeping on his massive potential.

Take for example, Guillotine, which he released about two months ago. Yes, it slipped past me as a goalie, but that doesn't mean it isn't post worthy. It takes a calm, ballad vibe before erupting into a funky hook. Like just about everything he produces visually and musically, it tells a story. You'll find yourself on a roller coaster of somber, joyful, and celebratory emotions. It's a fun track overall and will make a great addition to the final playlist. Stay tuned for a new track this weekend from Jon titled Maybe IDK...#TheHumanCondition

Jon Bellion - Guillotine


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