Thursday, December 01, 2011

"I'm From Houston, Texas, Home of the Texans"

It's become a necessity these days for every pro team or city to have a Hip Hop anthem.'s your turn, STAND UP! From the minute I caught wind of this track, I knew it would be on point. You can't bring together three of Houston's finest rappers, name the track Houston and have it fall through. When you're reppin' a whole city and shouting out all of the Texans on the track, you better be bringing the heat.

Thanks to the Fox Sports theme song sample put together by Houston's own GL Productions, the track has an instant element of familiarity. Everyone watches the NFL, so everyone will dig the sample. Most people may not know all the player shouts outs, but @slimthugga, @chamillionaire and @PAULWALLBABY go as far as to shout out @briancushing56, @jjwatt, @ArianFoster, @johnson80...even Mario Williams gets some love. It's loud, perfect for an NFL stadium and why not make a track the year that Peyton Manning gets hurt and gift wraps the division title to you? Too bad now have Jake Delhomme guiding the ship through the playoffs. You can only go so far without a good QB...#HoustonInTrouble

Slim Thug feat Paul Wall & Chamillionaire - Houston(prod by GL Productions)


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