Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"My Heart's a Stereo, It Beats For You So Listen Close"

There have been some fierce, potential chart topping tracks that have surfaced this week and all things considered my iPod has been busy, which has made my time at the gym productive. Y'all know what's up, and when I say this one made it to the top the past two days amonngst the stiff competition brought on by the likes of Drake, Skylar Gray, Coldplay and Bad Meets Evil, you know it's serious. Sure this one is soaked in candy and will ultimately rival @TRAVIEMCCOY's Billionaire single last year that had everyone repeating the hook. I know I know, that'd make it a top 5 Billboard hit, but still, I stand by my audacious prediction because this is every bit as repeatable, fun loving and upbeat.

Ask yourself too, when was the last time you were like man @ADAMLEVINE killed that hook!! I'd say other than Misery last year, probably back in 07 with Makes Me Wonder? Either way ya boy Travie has a knack for recruiting hooks and that's a great talent because it's keeping his solo career afloat merely with the strength of these mammoth singles he's been dropping. Shouts out to @itsbennyblanco on the form fitting backdrop that allowed both Travie and Adamn to drop what will be regarded as one of the most overplayed singles this summer...#SpoilerAlert

Cop it now before the masses start that whole "nah man I was rockin' that song like a couple weeks ago" garbage... #FThatNoise + #KennyPowersVoice ...

Travie McCoy feat Adam Levine - Stereo Hearts (prod by Benny Blanco)


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