Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Shawty Thick, Got Cleveland Cavs"

I wrote about the original version of this track like four months ago when I hyped it up as the best @ryanleslie produced track since You Be Killin Em. My opinion hasn't changed over the past four months and when you add in @JColeNC, @Wale and @treysongz, while keeping the same dope beat, I'm going to take the time to hype it up all over again. Even better, @RedCafe even chips in a new verse on the track with even more creative one liners (as the title of the post points out).

Anybody else think the picture above is funny as hell too? With J Cole's "I'm with stupid gesture" and Wale looking completely rigid like he's a frozen block of ice. To be fair, we've all taken pictures where we just look like absolutely retards because of the timing, so I'm not gonna put him on blast too much.

On an unrelated, but related note, I'm still salty that Ryan Leslie's new album Les is More keeps getting pushed back. Now it's slated for a 2012 release, which is a little longer than the few weeks away he promised back in October. I'll be interested to see if that milli he's getting sued for over not ponying up on the ransom for his laptop comes to fruition. Not sure how that works, but if you are on camera offering rewards then I'm not sure how you can get out of that...#Settlement

Great collection of talent below, all remixes should be as good as the one below...#WishfulThinking

Red Cafe feat Ryan Leslie, J Cole, Trey Songz, Wale - Fly Together (Remix) (prod by R Les)


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