Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Weeknd is Only Beginning...

Since everyone is now becoming familiar with @theweekndxo via @drake's new album Take Care, it's time to get a familiar with some of his older stuff. I say that half out of opportunity (since a lot of unreleased tracks of his have been dropping lately) and half out of necessity because he's becoming more of a household name. Here's a little background on the track below. The Weeknd used to be a part of a group called The Noise that consisted of a producer and three vocalist: The Weeknd, Kid Klassic, Tyler Done and @nataliediluccio.

You'll be hard pressed to find much on The Noise because they didn't release and album or mixtape. Instead they focused on making demos that they could sell to other artists. Party (below), is one of those demo tracks that were created around 2008-2009. The track has a very unfinished sound to it, but the bouncy guitar riff and sing along hook give the track a fun, laid back feel. It's what a demo track should do, put it on a tee for a big name to knock it out the park. Even the verse at the end is well delivered, making me think an artist like @bobatl could flip it into a hit. I'm open to any other artist suggestions, but he's the first that came to mind as far as being able to both sing and rap on the track.

Who would have thought there would be a noteworthy Canadian duo called OVOXO taking Hip Hop by storm? Proves that it really doesn't matter much where you're from because if you can spit or sing, people will find you. How else could you explain so many artists coming out of Cleveland, Ohio? Who knows maybe someday a superstar will hatch out of Naptown and Hip Hop will become relevant back in my home state for the first time ever...#DreamBig

The Weeknd (The Noise)- Party


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