Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ricky Rozay Talks That Talk

Keeping it simple tonight since I like to add to the populace of men who are both 1) Not very adept at thinking about Christmas presents until the week of and 2) really into sports. We've got NFL, quality college basketball (Go Illini!) and a bowl game where Boise State is gonna beat the breaks off ASU. So much to watch all at once, probably going to need to go to a bar where all three can be viewed at once...#LadiesDontUnderstand + #ButWeStillLoveYall

Anyways, @rickyrozay did his part in furthering the hotness of Talk That Talk. Decent remix worth a listen and in case you missed the original @s_c_ sells out arenas...#CallsItGettinDome

Rihanna feat Jay-Z & Rick Ross - Talk That Talk (Remix)


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