Monday, December 19, 2011

Machine Gun Kelly is Invincible With His Dre Beats On

If you're like me, then you saw the commercial below a few times and wondered who in the hell is the dude spittin' like his life is about to end if he doesn't tear apart a hot 16...

Lo and behold it was your boy @MACHINEGUNKELLY, who just won MTV's Hottest Breakthrough Artist Award. Can't hate on bit on the organic reaction of him finding out the news he won. Good god the way this is dude from Cleveland is blowing up, he's on track to live up to the @eminem comparisons that are sure to come. There's something about rappers that emerge from making minimum wage to a point where they fought tooth and nail (with performances like this) their way to the top with the way they weave words together on the mic. The appreciation he has shown for every bit of success he has garnered thus far is really cool to watch and easy for me as a blogger to support.

Man I'm really at a loss for how to explain to you guys dope this track is. Usually I can throw together a few adjectives that come to mind when listening to the song as I write, but I'm at a total loss. From the start, before listening to the whole track, I knew it was going to be epic when I saw @AlexDaKid produced the track. There hasn't been a song that he has done the past year that hasn't risen to the top. The best words I can come up with to describe MGK's delivery on Invincible are vigorous, relentless, and fierce...but I'm still feeling like I'm underselling the raw emotion he bleeds all over this track. Add to that the blatant Dre Beats push both on the HTC Rezound commercial and also in the first verse "But I can’t feel nothin’, outside these Dre Beats". @iamdiddy is not a fool and there's good reason why he went all out to win the bidding war for MGK's talents.

This is only the beginning folks and to be honest, I got just as hype to this song at the gym today when I put it on repeat as I did when Lose Yourself came out. For those of you thinkin' that I'm just gassing you up, press play below...then we'll talk...#DoItIDareYou

Machine Gun Kelly feat Ester Dean - Invincible (prod by Alex da Kid)


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