Thursday, December 29, 2011

Think Twice Moment: "A Parent-ly I'm an Unfit Father"

It's a new day, which means there's probably a new Hip Hop artist you haven't heard of that has released a relevant song that you should now know about. I say you should know about because @mrdontrip is immediately noteworthy because of his cosign from the legendary production duo @COOLANDDRE. With the help of Cool and Dre, the Memphis native signed onto First Family Records/Epidemic Music/Interscope Records with the help of his powerful track below. In case Cool and Dre's cosign isn't enough, the Good Doctor (Dre) went out of his way to mention Don Trip in the same sentence as @JColeNC as far as new artists who he is a fan of. I decided to post a song he wrote before becoming noteworthy called Letter to My Son and for added listen-ability, I chose the remix, which features @ceelogreen on the hook.

Before I get into the particulars of the track, it'd be worthwhile for you to see Don Trip in studio recording the track. I'll always have respect for someone who can go into a studio and knock out an emotional track the way he did below...
Man you want to talk about a raw track. Just listening to it will make any man or woman think twice about the potential collateral damage that having a child could cause. It's sad that nowadays with baby mamas and divorces becoming so frequent that it's common for kids to be used as pawns in disagreements or litigation. This is as real as it gets in depicting the potential pitfalls that go along with the responsibility of parenthood, so anybody who is thinking about being careless about who they hook up with, give the track below a listen...#UseProtectionYall

Don Trip feat Cee-Lo - Letter to My Son (Remix)


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