Saturday, December 17, 2011

Before This Night is Through You Will Know Avicii

Tim Berg, otherwise known as @avicii is quickly becoming one of my favorite arists/producers/DJs...whatever you want to classify him as. Through a mix of original songs and remixes, he's won over my fandom as he continues to impress me with every new electronic beat he cooks up. His newest track to catch my attention is the original mix of Before This Night is Through (Bad Things), which is every bit as much of a story as it is a club thumping house track.

I say story because there are literally chapters within the track that tell a different story. The first chapter that leads up to the haunting demon voice's "I wanna do bad things with you!", is more of a build up introduction. The middle part is where the beat is at it's best and gets all upbeat house for a few minutes. Then, the beat slows down in a harmonic, end of fairytale way, only to pick the rhythm back up with increased ferocity. Listening to it right just led to looking up Avicii tour dates, it's that badass. As far as manipulating the ebb and flow of energy on a dance track, it doesn't get much better than what Tim Berg is able to provide...#EvidenceBelow

Avicii - Before This Night Is Through (Bad Things) (Original Mix)

As a bonus, I'm not sure if this is an Avicii created mash-up or something someone did on the side. Either way, it takes his widely acclaimed song Levels and mixes it with @JLo's track Until It Beats No More. Levels is one rare beat I will probably never get sick of or annoyed at other artists sampling.

Jennifer Lopez & Avicii - Until It Beats No More (Levels Mash-Up)


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