Thursday, December 08, 2011

"Is it Ok That I Stay Here, For the Rest of My Life"

I've been a pretty vocal buyer of @jasonderulo since before the Whatcha Say days. Having just released his second studio album, Future History, in September, he's now about to headline his own 2012 Future History World Tour. With all that being said, I was skeptical he'd be able to follow through with a sophomore album that was anywhere near as great as his self titled debut album.

Don't Wanna Go Home and It Girl are catchy and further his rolodex of solid radio hits, but they didn't reach the ceiling that some of his previous albums single reached. Yet, here we have a new non-album single by JD produced by the man himself, Ryan Tedder. I can appreciate Jason trying to diversify his sound away from JR Rotem the way the Game wanted to branch out away from Dr. Dre to prove he wasn't a product of his production. Rest of My Life is a great mid-tempo ballad that allows Jason to show off a little vocal range and hit a couple American Idol notes throughout the track that is dripping with emotional intensity. Individually both Jason and Ryan are huge talents, so it's safe to say, combining the two will eminently end up in one bad ass collaboration...#ProofsInThePuddingBelow

Jason Derulo - Rest of My Life (prod by Ryan Tedder)


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