Monday, December 05, 2011

"Internet Killed the Radio Star"

"If Eric Clapton could sing about cocaine, then there's no harm
Then I can write about guns,
I can rap about girls,
I can sing about money and cars"
After a few laps around Radioactive, I've siphoned out a few favorites that are ready to be shared. The first being a clear eventual single choice in Radio, produced by hit doctor @iamjimjonsin. Off top the acoustic guitar and steady beat with a hint of piano lure you in when combined with a little harmony. Even better, @yelawolf takes on a serious, nostalgic tone that is necessary for the commentary he adds about modern music. Throughout the track, he takes on a "those were the days tone as he subtly hints as music nowadays missing the vigor that it once had.

Within his deep critique of modern music on Radio, the allure of Catfish Billy is put on full display. He's got that storytelling knack that is so widely appreciated in the South that we still have yet to hear another one as good as Outkast. That is, until Yelawolf landed and as his audience increases with every new track, so will our appreciation for the depth of his messages. I know folks will someday soon want to compare Yeller to @MACHINEGUNKELLY because they're two crazy ass white dudes who like to rap, but for my money, I don't see them seeing eye to eye content wise. Word has it MGK absolutely lights it up on stage, but I'm skeptical he'll ever be able to match the intellectual messages that Yelawolf is able to portray through his pitter patter flows.

Also, if you're looking for another standout track on Radioactive, look no further than Get Away featuring the long lost lyrical magician @ItsMystikal. Not sure if I like Radioactive more than Trunk Musik 0-60, but the jury is still out. Cop it!

Yelawolf - Radio (prod by Jim Jonsin)


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