Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sleigh Bells Aren't Just Christmas Instruments

It's funny how things come full circle sometimes. When I say full circle, maybe I mean, it's cool how things evolve to a point where you can look back and realize something was cooler than it appeared to be when you first saw it. For example, years before I started getting into @drh3, I witnessed him play guitar for John Mayer (no twitter handle since he left his 3.7 million followers behind). At the time, he wasn't more of a background singer and guitar player, but as the years went by and I found some of his great solo tracks, I found myself looking back and wishing he had been a bigger part of the John Mayer show.

I saw all this to lay the ground work for how I was first introduced to @sleighbells. It was at the Philly Cruise Terminal watching them open for the legendary LCD Soundsystem. As an quick sidebar, easily one of the three best concerts I've ever been to. Their live act is so off the chain, it's disgusting and I'm still upset they retired prematurely. Aaaannnyways, long story short I got to see Sleigh Bells up close and personal for the first time and not knowing what to expect, I thought their music was a little too noisy and raucous to be enjoyed in concert...#NerdVoice

Looking back a little now, I feel pretty stupid because I now understand and have somewhat harnessed their kickassedness as time has gone on. I really took a liking to Riot Rhythm and even better, their new single sounds like @ratatatmusic chipped in some of their crazy electro guitar riffs in the background of Born to Lose. I even went back and copped their whole debut album Treats and gave it a spin after hearing their new single. Evidently their sophomore album Reign of Terror is due out in Feb and will feature even more in your face, loud as (F word) block rocking beats. I can't wait, let's crank it up, Christmas is less than a week y'all...#LetsRage

Sleigh Bells - Born to Lose


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