Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj Love the Lion King

It's good to see that @seankingston is recovered enough from his boating accident back in May to start releasing new music. When phrases like "ejected from jet ski" and "intensive care" are used to describe how you're doing, it's never a good sign, but the good news is, he's expected to make a full recovery.

Back in October, Sean took to Facebook to reveal his new album title Back 2 Life. His new single below, Born to be Wild featuring @nickiminaj produced by radio mainstay @jonathanrotem is probably going to end up being the lead single. It's every bit as big of a sing along as the Lion King version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight...
Only thing missing is a few wimoweh a wimoweh a wimowehs on the JR sample, but you better believe the listening audiences will fill in the gaps. Can anyone say universal from little kids all the way to their parents who took them to the movie? Maybe the Nicki verse will turn off a few parents with the baby talk, but goodness this is going get a lot of radio play...#NumberOneSingleWatch

Sean Kingston feat Nicki Minaj - Born to be Wild (prod by JR Rotem)


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