Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Your Address is Now Cloud 9"

There's a strong correlation between songs I really end up liking and @ryanleslie producing them. That's not much of a stretch considering he was behind the board on the best Hip Hop track last year You Be Killin' Em. Put it this way, R Les knows how to market himself because every time he produces a high profile beat, he always releases the in-studio "making of the beat", like on Fly Together (below)...

It's not even showing off or rubbing it in everyone's face, dude is just crazy talented when you get him in a studio producing a beat. From scratch, there's so much that goes into the finished product and with every video he releases, I appreciate that more. Hard to mess with him on the synths and he's got a knack for throwing in three or four more elements that do nothing but further augment the synths. To put it lightly, his beats are more like orchestrated symphonies and I haven't been too proud to search daily for finished products of tracks that he produced.

Not sure what @redcafesd album this will land on, but you better believe this will serve as the lead single. Can't even hate on @rickyrozay, who did his thing on his verse too. Just a solid track front to back, neatly wrapped by ya boy R Les.

Red Cafe feat Rick Ross & Ryan Leslie - Fly Together (prod by Ryan Leslie)


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