Saturday, December 03, 2011

Nicki Minaj is Cocked Back and Roman Reloaded

Staying true to the new trend that most artists are following in order to get everything they can out of an album, @nickiminaj will be releasing a Roman Reloaded version of her debut album Pink Friday. No word yet on whether Roman Reloaded will be a re-release with a couple new singles or all new material, but I'm going to put my chips on the re-release based on the title. In case you're wondering why Roman keeps popping up in all of her music, it just so happens to be her alter ego Roman Zolanski. It's always fun to have a gay male alter ego, everyone should have one right? If you want to hear her/he/it in action, see her track Roman's Revenge with @liltunchi.

Safe to say that Nicki goes absolutely ham sammich on Roman in Moscow, taking no prisoners and sounding like a female version of Eminem. I've never been a huge fan of artists cursing every other word on a track because it detracts from the substance and makes a track difficult to take seriously, but I can appreciate her uniquely ferocious delivery. I fully understand why Nicki is so successful and popular and I think she deserves it by filling a void that was vacant in Hip Hop. It's a genre that carers to the original and audacious, which is why she was able to ascent so quickly.

Roman Reloaded is scheduled to hit stores on Valentines day on February 14th, 2012. Shouts out to @srbeats and @saromsoundz on the production of the single below. High octane beat for a take no prisoners style lyrical performance by Nicki. Seems about right, go check it out on iTunes...

Nicki Minaj - Roman in Moscow (prod by StreetRunner and Sarom) (CDQ)


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