Wednesday, December 07, 2011

"She Actin' All Sidity, It's Cause She Know She Bad"

For all you folks who aren't familiar with the term sidity, I'll save you a trip to urban dictionary:
sidity (adj) - uppity, high class, bourgeois, conceited,
"That girl at the bar so sidity she won't even holla at a playa."
We've all been around our fair share of sidity women, but similiarly, fellas if a chick is actin' high sidity, don't compound the fuckery by trickin'. We all know, it is trickin' if you ain't really go it.

Now that you're all caught up on a handful of modern urban dictionary terms that you probably never thought you'd see on this blog, I'll turn the focus back to @roscoedash's upcoming studio album, J.U.I.C.E.. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that this is the lead single, but to be completely honest, I'll be interested to see if Roscoe can shake the "only good for hooks on other artists' tracks" stigma that he's developed. We've seen artists like @TPAIN shake it and become success on a solo tip, but whether he can follow in those footsteps remains to be seen.

Big fan of @bigsean's presence on the track too and even though I don't have a name for the production credits on Sidity, it's got the potential as an upbeat bass heavy, radio friendly effort. On the real I'm never gonna get sick of Oh My, so I'll forever be a supporter in some capacity of Roscoe. Hopefully the freshman album holds serve and I start writing about how well rounded of an artist he's become...#TimeWillTell

**Update - Shouts out to @SUPERDAVEMUSIC and Drew da Beast on the beat. Assist to Twitter on the correction...

Roscoe Dash feat Big Sean - Sidity (prod by Super Dave & Drew da Beast)


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