Friday, October 21, 2011

Videos of the Week

High powered week as far as videos are concerned, with Drake, Coldplay, Rihanna, Ash Roth, B.O.B. and Wale all releasing new ones. Not gonna lie, I'm a little disturbed at both Coldplay and Rihanna's videos. A person in an elephant costume riding a unicycle down the highway to meet up with his other elephant band friends? Who knows, it's buzzworthy, weird and low budget, maybe it works. As far as Rihanna, I get the track is all about finding love in the most hopeless places, but good god, drugs much? Little too trippy and downward spiral-ly for my taste, but maybe that's why there's successful. The more people talk about them, the more free publicity they get I guess. Whatever works I guess, have a good weekend y'all...
Coldplay - Paradise (Video)
Drake - Take Care Album (Trailer)
Rihanna feat Calvin Harris - We Found Love (Video)
Asher Roth feat Chuck Inglish - In the Kitchen (Video)
B.O.B. feat Playboy Tre & Meek Mill - Epic (Video)
Wale - Bait (Video)


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