Saturday, October 08, 2011

"Panties Off, Stupid Booty, Ready for War, Call Of Duty"

There are a few things you can count on in life. Snow in the winter, taxes due in mid April and the likes of Southern DJs like @djdrama and @therealdjkhaled pulling together big time collaborations. I'm not sure I'd put the track below in any sort of top 10 list, but it's still pretty awesome to hear @chrisbrown and @JColeNC together on a track. Being a fan of @TheAphilliates ever since they took over Atlanta about a decade ago, I found it noteworthy that one of their crew members, @V12THEHITMAN, produced the track. From DJ Drama to @djsense to @DonCannon, I'd challenge anyone to find me a more talented production crew.

DJ Drama's newest compilation hits the shelves next Tuesday, so don't be shy on copping The Third Power on iTunes pre-order. Add this one to the already successful Oh My and the yet to be released collab between @bobatl and @THEREALCROOKEDI called Take My City and you've got yourself the making of a powerful album. That play on words was pretty lame, you're better off just pressing play...

DJ Drama feat Chris Brown & J Cole - Undercover (prod by V12 Da Hitman)


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