Saturday, October 22, 2011

"I Don’t Wanna Be in the Blind, But Sometimes I Stevie Wonder"

As bits and pieces of Take Care continue to trickle out before it's November 15th release, the album as whole is starting to take shape. If you're like me, you're most excited to hear @drake's collaboration with Stevie Wonder on Doing it Wrong and you've been mostly satisfied with the material that has surfaced so far. To recount, I'm a big fan of Headlines, Marvin's Room, Club Paradise and Make Me Proud, which means I'm 50/50 on Free Spirit, Dreams Money Can Buy and the newest addition below, The Real Her.

You might be wondering how I could be on the fence about a Weezy and Drizzy collabo? To be fair, they have set the bar really high with all the songs they have done together. In comparison, their last track together, She Will, might have been my all time favorite, but that wasn't because of anything Drizzy did though, as he only added a hook and @liltunchi went all homicide on the verses. Still, Wayne seems to think Drake's style is from another planet because of his trend setting conversation verses that draw the listener in. Couldn't have agreed more, he did a great job of summarizing part of the intrigue that Drake provides as an artist (below):
You've gotta be in the mood for a slow jam if you're going to give The Real Her a full listen. On the track Drake speaks on an the immediate connection that he's felt with a woman before, attempting to rationalize the undeniable allure the woman possesses. It's a scenario he's really good at explaining, especially over a slow, @ovo40 piano beat. It will probably grow on me over time, but for now there are more tracks out there that I'm excited about on the album that I'm cool with it.

Stream only since it wasn't an OVO sanction release. Til the next time, change that hash tag from #Oct24 to #Nov15 and keep it locked the next couple weeks as the official tracklist starts to unfold...

Drake feat Lil Wayne - The Real Her (prod by 40)


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