Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"There She Goes, Looking Like A Star, With Her Body Shaped, Like A Rock Guitar"

If you were in the market to craft a perfect collaboration for a club track, it would be hard to argue against the dream team effort given by @TaioCruz, @Pitbull and @Redone_official. Pitbull can at least be described as a seasoned vet when it comes to radio friendly club tracks and Taio Cruz isn't very far behind with his growing mountain of club hits like Higher, Dynamite, Break Your Heart and Little Bad Girl. Then when you throw in RedOne, who has produced tracks like Takin' Back My Love, Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance, Alejandro, Judas, Fire Burning and More. That was a concise list meant to spotlight the more well-known tracks he produced too. For the full list, go here.

Safe to say this will land on Taio's upcoming album TY.O, which is slated to hit iTunes and retail outlets on December 6th. I'd be willing to bet everyone between the ages of 18-30 will know the words to the track by then because they will be able to cop it well in advance of the album release on iTunes. I personally like the track, but don't expect anything earth-shattering, it's about what you'd expect. Safe, middle of the road type of quality...that will soon be bludgeoned to death by mainstream radio. Enjoy it while it lasts folks!

Taio Cruz feat Pitbull - There She Goes (prod by RedOne)


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