Monday, October 24, 2011

"New Gang Alert: Hashtag #Occupies"

No rest for the weary in the world of Hip Hop...or should I say in the land of @LupeFiasco. Having sold around a cool half milly in the US with Lasers, he's back on the grind with a new mixtape due out on November 24th, Friend of the People. Having already been cancelled once and rumored to be a follow up to Food and Liquor 2, it's on like donkey kong, just in time to eat some turkey.

To say Lightwork is a solid mixtape track would be like saying Santa likes giving gifts. I'd argue that it'd make a hell of a lead single for Food and Liquor 2, but shoot, if he's got material that is as good or better than this, then I'll be writing about Lupe a lot in the coming months. The calming build up of the synth lead-in that gives way to the quasi-dubstep beat provided @bassnectar is a good look when mixed with the gentle and unique vocals of @elliegoulding. Really cool they were all able to get together on a collaboration because not many Hip Hop fans know of Elena Jane Goulding or Lorin Ashton. If you're a fan of unique Hip Hop and don't mind a little political banter in the verses, you may just love this one. It's going to be really hard for Lupe to top this one, but I'll be listening just in case...

Lupe Fiasco feat Ellie Goulding - Lightwork (prod by Bassnectar)


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