Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"When Everybody is Fresh Out of Collateral to Damage"

In a world where collaborations are as predictable as Shia LaBeouf beat downs, it's hard to be wowed or surprised when two artists get together theses days. Sure, I didn't see @liltunchi collaborating with @joejonas or @drake collaborating with @LennyKravitz, but neither managed to inspire me to write.

Then I see this new @theroots single feat @BIGKRIT fly across the radar, which immediately piqued my interest. I'd consider myself a fair weather Roots fan who has a deep appreciation for the brand of Hip Hop they create and I've been a K.R.I.T. believer since day 1. Being familiar with their styles is what made me most excited to hear what they could do together on a track. Add that to the fact that I never considered they'd ever collaborate on a track and you can see why I'd be optimistic about the song below.

Optimism doesn't quite do justice to the calming, smooth rhythms and mellow verses that Black Thought and K.R.I.T. delivered. My god, you would have thought K.R.I.T. was a surrogate member of the group the way he blended in seamlessly with the Philly group. Even better, the quiet pitter-patter throughout the track was a subtle reminder that papa @questlove was piloting the track to greatness. I don't have enough positive adjectives in the arsenal to describe this one, it's simply an awesome display of a type of Hip Hop that is so uniquely refined that it can't be compared to any other form in the game without diminishing it.

Make My will land on iTunes in two weeks on Nov 1st and be the first single off Undun, which is set to hit stores on December 6th. Doesn't get much more classy or classic than the legendary Roots crew folks. They can pull off what a lot of other Hip Hop acts wish they could achieve with the live band sound. Daps & lbs for seeking out K.R.I.T. on the feature too, I guess an old dog can do new tricks...

The Roots feat Big K.R.I.T. - Make My


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