Saturday, October 01, 2011

The King is Back Home

Another year, another @Tip straight outta jail comeback track to remind us he's back. Never one to be subtle when reminding everyone he's back, T.I. teamed up with one of the most talented up and coming Southern artists, @bigkrit. The sound of the track is in line with a lot of other K.R.I.T. productions, marked by a slow, head nod worthy tempo that seems destined for Swishahouse to be screwed and chopped.

No word on what album this is set to appear on, but I'm satisfied with the fact that two of my favorite artists collaborated on a track together. I wouldn't say I like it as much as his last comeback single, but anything that perpetuates the UGK sound that K.R.I.T. has all but mastered already, is a solid track in my book. I'd expect a lot more T.I. features in the near future, similar to the on-rush of @liltunchi cameos when he got out of Rikers. Who knows, maybe a feature on Take Care?? #DoubtIt + #IWish...

T.I. feat Big K.R.I.T. - I'm Flexin' (prod by Big K.R.I.T.)


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