Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"No Matter What They Say, You're on to Something Great"

"If Stevie Wonder read braille,
Michael Jackson made thrill,
And Malcolm X-celled,
Like gettin' 5 mics on Double XL"
Seems everywhere I look these days I hear a new standout track produced by No I.D. And that's not to take away anything from @ITSPACDIV, who consistently bring relevant and creative lyrics every time they get on the mic. If @thecoolkids are my favorite Hip Hop group, there would be an absolute dog fight for second between Pac Div and @DaRealSlaughter. Pac Div always takes the rhymes over beats approach, which is admirable when you've got the skills to back it up and it makes for classic material when a top notch beat ends up on their plate. Even better, I couldn't name one of the members of Pac Div off the top of my head or tell you which member of the group I like best on the mic. They are all talented and the sound they produce is as consistent as it gets.

I wouldn't say this is the flashiest beat that No I.D. has ever done, but it's perfect in that it provides a basic canvas that allows Pac Div to do what they do by shining lyrically. I like that the complete hook doesn't even come out until after the second verse. I found the teaser hook between the first and second verse stylistically interesting because it gave a glimpse of what's to come, but they made you wait for the real thing. It's simple Hip Hop, but there will always be a collection of fans that can appreciate groups like Pac Div because they embody a lot of the qualities that were coveted during the genesis of what we can now appreciate as the Hip Hop movement.

(Climbs down off soap box...) Anyways, November 8th is date you'll be able to cop Pac Div's new album, The Div on iTunes. I know I got deep there, but if you're a reader of this blog and are plugged in to the RSS feed, you can appreciate my steez. It's gonna be a good week, I've got some solid new tracks to share and that's on top of what will eminently be coming the next month on November 15th...#TakeCare...keep it locked!

Pac Div - The Greatness (prod by No I.D.)


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