Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Sometimes the Grass is Greener and Someone Else's Sugar's Sweeter"

I've been heavy on the Hip Hop of late, so as a change of pace, today I decided to delve into Pop/Rock. In Septemebr, @GAVINDEGRAW quietly released his second top 10 Billboard album in the form of Sweeter. My guess is you've heard the lead single of his new album, but in case you missed it, check the video below featuring the beautiful Marjorie Lévesque...
That my friends is why men strive make the kind of music that Gavin makes. Every single one of his videos has had supermodel hot talent (see here and here) and in very non-subtle way points out why it pays to have a great voice, even if you're average looking.

Anyways, moving on to the track below, Sweeter, which is the title track on his new album. It is produced by one of my favorite behind the scenes producer/writers, Ryan Tedder. The upbeat guitar riff sucks you in from the start, preceding Gavin's patented piano and unique harmony. To put it simply, it's a feel good track and a necessary addition to my playlist today since I had to forge through inches of snow to get out of my damn driveway today. Really mother nature? A Nor'easter before Halloween...smfh + gtfoh with all that. #SnowIsAWinterPrecipitation

Gavin DeGraw - Sweeter (prod by Ryan Tedder)


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