Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Chain So Big Can't Pop My Collar"

I know I'm a little late to market on @Wale's first single off Ambition, Chain Music. Like anything worthwhile, though, it grew on me with time as I found myself repeating the @rickyrozay sample and nodding my head to the @bksTONEP produced beat. Keppin' it 100, the new album is shaping up to be just as good as Attention Deficit and I'll be the first to admit I was dead wrong by forecasting the demise of Wale after a few "experimental" MMG features. Turns out, he was obligated to do a few tracks with his other Maybach brethren and in an effort to get in where he fit in, he spit on a few cameos that didn't necessarily jive with his previous style. I get it, I'm past the hate and have moved on to looking ahead and promoting the new album.

As far as his new albums' singles, I'd pickChain Music over Bad Girls Club, Lotus Flower Bomb and Focused. I'm not about to be negative about any of them, though, they're all are worthy singles that showcase a unique sound and bring quality to the album as a whole. By the way, shouts out to Wale's marketing for the consistently post-worthy cover art on the singles too. Y'all are really making it easy on us and for that you will always be rewarded with the iTunes link at the bottom and throughout the post.

Only a week til the November 1st album release and there are still a lot of tracks I'm excited about that I have yet to hear like Slight Work with @bigsean and White Linen with @NeYoCompound. Lots to look forward to and plenty to write about, which makes my life easy.

Wale - Chain Music (prod by Tone P)


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