Monday, October 10, 2011

White Boys Are Taking Over Hip Hop

Alright @machinegunkelly, I hear you and what you're doin'. Chalk this up as the second track of yours to catch my attention. And it's not because you attacked the bars like an alcoholic who doesn't GAF, it's more because the multi-syllabic assaults reminded me of some of my favorite artists like @Yelawolf and @TWISTAgmg.

Why do I like his new track below? For starters, daps & lbs are in order for whoever did the beat because the rat-a-tat bass line fits your style perfectly. The in your face vulgarity is offset with the tranquil hook delivered by @mikeposner and it makes the track more interesting. Maybe I'm a sucker for silky smooth hooks, but after a ferocious verse, it's needed to reel back in the listener so they don't get too alienated by the ruggedness of the storytelling. Again, I don't think @iamdiddy is a fool, so I'm gonna buy a ticket on this dude's bandwagon and keep hoping for new material. Don't hate, #LACEUP like everyone else will on October 14th when they cop the Rage Pack...

Oh and if you need to know more about Machine Gun Kelly, look no further than his Twitter intro...
"Pro-#PowerRAGER. I like threesomes, chocolate milk, social studies and I'm so Cleveland its a God damn shame..."
Machine Gun Kelly feat Mike Posner - On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl Part 2)


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