Sunday, October 09, 2011

Mountain Dew Sets New Music-Business Trend

This song caught me by total surprise, and I have Mountain Dew to thank??

If you haven't heard, Mountain Dew created a "record label", called Green Label Sound, where they release free MP3's by certain buzz-bands, and sponsor tours, as a means of building brand awareness.

In addition to @StarSlingerUK, Mountain Dew's star-studded roster includes Wavves, Neon Indian, Freelance Whales, The Cool Kids, Matt & Kim, and Chromeo, so it's definitely not a lineup to be taken lightly. (@dew_GLS provided plenty of free music from these artists and others that you can find at

I'm anxious to see what role, if any, Corporate America plays in the future of the music industry. Currently, Motel 6 is offering free lodging for touring bands, Converse opened a recording studio in Brooklyn where artists can record for free, and Taco Bell gave away $500 gift cards to 100+ deserving bands to be spent while on tour.

It remains to be seen whether these relationships between bands and brands are an anomaly, or part of a growing trend of artists making money through unconventional means. Bands like Freelance Whales deserve the right to make money and raise band awareness through credible means such as this, so for now, don't call them sellouts, just enjoy the music!


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