Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Araabs Who Wear Pink Stay Gold

You may remember a year ago when I posted a @NickiMinaj track called Dominoes that sampled a song from the British pop duo The Big Pink. In case you didn't read it, long story short, had I not heard Nicki's version, I would have never looked up the original track by @thebigpinkin that I ended up liking just as much.

Different year, same concept as the extremely talented @araabmuzik was quick to put his own spin on the British duo's new single Stay Gold. It's similar to what European dance music producers (Guetta, Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Benassi, Crookers, etc.) are doing to American flavored, R&B/Pop music. Find a well known American Hip Hop artist/producer, get them to produce or remix your track and you're golden. It opens up the door to a completely untapped demographic that you otherwise wouldn't have had exposure to. In other words, I would have never found this new Big Pink single had they not bundled it with araabmuzik's remix. Before I go further check the MPC king's version of Stay Gold...

The Big Pink – Stay Gold (AraabMusik Mix)

Forgive me if I haven't give you a proper introduction to why Araabmuzik is known as the MVP of the MPC. Dude is an absolute beast with hands quicker than Jose Reyes on the beat.

Yea, I know, I could watch him do that all day long and be consistently memorized at his rapid fire ability to weave electronic sounds together. Simply put, what he does is an art and he's the best at his craft.

If you're digging The Big Pink and their catchy, repeatable, throw back brand of British electro pop, then check their video for Stay Gold. Oh yea and don't be bashful about visiting iTunes when this song drops in two weeks.

The Big Pink - Stay Gold


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