Sunday, October 02, 2011

"I Don't Wanna Be Loved, I Don't Wanna Be Loved"

Nobody in the history of Hip Hop will be able to match @TWISTAgmg's double time delivery over slow beats. With tracks like Get it Wet, Still Po' Pimpin', and Emotions, Twista has been the best for years. It's such a unique niche too, because nobody else has the ability to do what he does. As a result, every time he gets on a track, it's always a novelty and somewhat of a spectacle to witness.

By my count, Quickie is now the third noteworthy single off @MiguelUnlimited's debut album All I Want is You. It's not just me that's noticing either, I'd watch for him to start getting a lot more features on Hip Hop tracks in need of a hook. In the words of Twista, "A short time of fun is better than a lifetime of pain", so fellas, even if you find yourself in this category, it's all good because you can always operate under the guise of it being some quick lovin'. As far as I'm concerned, with the temps remaining cool and rainy throughout the northeast, you won't find me co-signing on a quickie these days. Don't even trip this is cuddle weather...#JohnStamosStyle

Miguel feat Twista - Quickie (Remix)


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