Thursday, October 27, 2011

"I Like My Eggs Scrambled, I Like My Girls Easy"

With every new song @ITSPACDIV releases, I become a bigger fan of their music. Every track the trio does features high octane verses that are good enough to carry a track. Throw in a beat cooked up by the under-appreciated @richgains and an @asherroth the f word out!

Is it me or is Pac Div's trademark "whooo!" one of the collest signature ad libs ever in Hip Hop? Something about it gives their music a tough, intimidating feel that goes well with their aggressive lyrical deliveries. You might say the beat is too simple, but simple works when your group as a whole has the ability to hold everyone's attention by rapping acapella. You'll be able to find their new album The DiV on iTunes November 8th. That about a week and a half for all you slow kids, so make a mental note to cop it and support one of the more entertaining and original Hip Hop groups in the game...#Truth

Pac Div feat Asher Roth - Useless (prod by Blended Babies) | iTunes


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