Thursday, July 15, 2010

Throwback Thurs: "Born N Raised in the County of Wade"

With all this excitement that's being generated in and around the Miami metro area with the signing of the Three Kings (pictured above), I couldn't help but Throw Thursday all the way back to 2006 when DJ Khaled introduced us formally to what we then called Dade county. When I think of Dade County, I think of Pitbull screaming 305 on every track, I think of The Runners beats that make you wanna drive fast (yes I know they're from Orlando, but they have been behind 90% of all the noteworthy hits to come out of the 305). I think of Rick Ross's raspy flow over loud beats and most noticeably I think of DJ Khaled yellin' WE THE BEST!! and LISSSSTEENN!! over every track.

Many will point to Uncle Luke as the King of Miami in terms of putting Hip Hop on the map. Me, I was a little too young at the time to gain an appreciation for that, so it started for me with Trick Daddy around 1998 when his single Nann got some radio and TV exposure. Looking back it may not have been the highest quality Hip Hop, but it started burning the coals around the Miami Dade County area for Hip Hop. My next memory came when I was on a baseball trip to Boca Raton my freshman year hearing Oye by @PLANETPIT on a local radio station and being genuinely excited about the sound of Miami's upbeat Reggaeton infused Hip Hop. That was his first track and while he's stepped up his game from that point, his music still hasn't changed all that much, which is cool.

Since then it has grown so much that it's one of the hotbeds of Hip Hop, mostly on the backs of @PLANETPIT and @rickross305. Sidebar: If you haven't copped Ross's new album, he definitely shows off a more laid back side of his game, which lends to a higher quality sound if you're a fan. I love his past @COOLANDDRE/@THERUNNERS tracks though, so to me my favorite part is missing, but still it's definitely worth copping the Teflon Don.

Give the real Dade County anthem a listen while you're at it...hate to give all the credit to production but The Runners beat goes HAAARRRD!

DJ Khaled feat Trick Daddy Rick Ross & Pitbull - Born N' Raised (prod by The Runners)
 | Download

While I'm at it, let's address all this Wade County talk and non-stop booty chatter by @DWADEOFFICIAL, @chrisbosh and @kingjames. In case you somehow missed Lebron forecasting that the Heat will win up to 7 titles on the night he signed, it came off as pretty ridiculous. I mean I've heard of believing in yourself and  your teammates, but maybe a little too much hype?? I can see why Cudi wanted to congradulate you with the back of his hand after dumping Cleveland publicly and Dan Snyder's reaction was a little bit too much like an ex-gf, but when I think about it, I'm missing the end game here with all this talk. If you predict it and do it in 7-10 years, you know you'll be able to unquestionably call yourself the man and I can respect you setting public goals to self-motivate. Just understand a whole lotta people don't like that type of off top cockiness especially when it's unfounded so far. Time will tell, but until then I'm gonna cop one of these fresh Wade county joints. White or Black?
As a final aside, what's even more annoying is now rappers are jumping on your bandwagon of predictions and claiming it's in the bag. SMH with capitol melontruckin' letters y'all. Seriously!? Man I really hope Hip Hop in Miami benefits from the exodus to Miami and doesn't lead everyone thinkin' they're on top of the world when a game hasn't even been played yet. Cool out y'all...on the real...

Song below if you care to listen to listen to the consequences of Lebron's prediction...

Flo Rida feat Billy Blue, Brisco, Brianna, Ballgreezy & Picalo - We Already Won (Miami Heat)
| Download


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