Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Petey Pablo - Go (prod by Timbaland)

What ever happened to Petey Pablo? You know that North Carolina reppin', towel swingin' dude who was the voice of Carolina Hip Hop earlier in the decade? Well after his second album, Still Writing in My Diary: 2nd Entry released in 2004, he's been on a six year sabbatical...yea I know he released an album on Death Row records in 2007, but that album went double brick and wasn't heard by anyone.

So where's he now? For starters he's created his own Carolina Music Group or CMG as he constantly points out in the song below. Most noteworthy is his decision to go back to the formula that got him where he is now, sticking to those uniquely bangin' Timbaland beats that he sounds at home over. Just looking at the production credits off his last noteworthy album, he had @LILJON and Timbland producing multiple tracks as well as Bangladesh throwin' in possibly the best track on the album with Vibrate.

You gotta love flutes that blend with all the methodical clicking and whiny synths that act as ingredients to this Timbo production. The tempo is slow though, so if you're expecting a club banger, stay tuned for the second single. Sure the chorus is a little lacking, but it's progress considering we haven't heard anything from @darealpetey in years. Merely hearing his raspy, charismatic flow is enough for me to look forward to his album due out sometime this year.

Welcome back Petey, we missed ya...

Petey Pablo - Go (prod by Timbaland)
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