Saturday, July 10, 2010

"When I'm Liquored Up, I'm Leaving Fingerprints on Her Butt"

If you're wondering whether purchasing Big Boi's new solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, would be a good decision, let this track be evidence of why it will be a solid investment. For about...oh...wait when did Outkast's last album come out? Holy shit, it has been 7 whole years since Speakerboxxx Love Below...crazy I was barely in college when @therealbigboi and Three Stacks got together to drop some new school Hip Hop Southern funk.

Definitely helps that @TIP, who has been on any and every track since being released from jail, added a verse in the middle of this booty shakin' Atlanta style ode to the competition for the Georgia fruit. Interesting how tambourine just happens to rhyme with tangerine...corniness aside, Daddy Fat Sax (or General Patton as he would also like to be referred to on this album) summoned every bit of the energy he's saved up the past 7 years and unleashed it all over A+ verses, putting on full display that choppy, but sylabbically perfect flow that is on point like @oneandonlycp3. The story-telling is a breath of fresh air that all Hip Hop should take notes from and is complimented well by that Southern bass I miss like Summer in college.

It's impossibly nowadays to survive without that confidence that we now call swag and Sir Lucious puts it on full display with lines like:
"I'm the type of dude that sends your baby momma out for food"

"One upon a rhyme I knew this girl and she was fine,
Every thing outdoooows
The kinda girl I'd describe her like like like like
Michael Jordan, when he's froze, in a pose, of a Jumpman
Top notch security on these hoes man"

It's fast paced, intense but you can follow every word...even while them hips are following the syncopated tribal it...

Big Boi feat T.I.& Khujo Goodie - Tangerine


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