Thursday, July 01, 2010

Throwback Thurs: Youngbloodz feat Big Boi - 85

With all this new Big Boi floating around as Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty approaches, I couldn't help but dust off one of my favorite songs that has ever come out of Atlanta. This one is off of Youngbloodz debut album Against da Grain and puts on full display that southern drawl that gives Atlanta Hip Hop it's character. Back in the day on T.I.'s first album I'm Serious, he had a more distinct drawl and to me it's unfortunate that record execs (suits) eventually persuade artists to put that accent on the backburner because it's difficult for "mainstream" to understand. Even recently with Bobby Ray (also from east Atlanta-Decatur) on Airplanes he speaks on how people tried to convince him to change his slang saying,"And back before I tried to cover up my slang. But this is for the Decatur, what's up Bobby Ray".

Better believe Youngbloodz bring some heavy dialect on this one, but it results in an organic, soulful, country dialect that blends like tequila & margarita mix over the bluesy guitar backdrop. And the best part about it is Big Boi's fierce verse that acts as the sandwich between J-Bo and Sean Paul's slack jawed verses. Pretty cool as if to foreshadow and album title ten years later, Big Boi starts his verse off with:
I’m lookin for anythang, gonna cut’em up
Like everythang, in my stable
Sir lucius, with the left foot, is ready willing and able
This song is undoubtedly in my top 10 favorite songs all time out of Atlanta, which is saying a lot. I mean the vibe on the track is so cot damn soulful and to me nostalgic because there was many a night I've been riding home on a bus, plane, car and caught myself listening to this and singing the chorus and last verse to myself. The hook has a soft side to it, with the talk about getting home to the one you miss:
I know you’re waitin for daddy, it won’t be long shawty
Be patient cause I’m comin to you
Ridin dirty on 85, slow, takin it easy
I don’t want nothin to keep me from you
Give it a listen, every time I listen it takes me back and I do my best to reproduce that southern drawl Sean P slowly spits on the last verse...daps & lbs to all the Stacys out there ridin' shotgun...

Youngbloodz feat Big Boi - 85
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