Friday, July 16, 2010

"I Keep on Runnin, Keep on Runnin' and Nothing Works, I Can't Get Away From You"

Continuing with the rock-infused tracks that I had alluded to on a previous post this week on his Converse promo. This is the CDQ version of his first single off his upcoming album Man on the Moon: The Legend of Mr. Rager. It definitely has a throwback guitar riff, sounding more like Weezer than Duran Duran, whom Jim Jonsin tried claiming he sampled for this track. Still have yet to find out what Duran Duran track he actually sampled on this, but whether or not he sampled anything is still being refuted. Cudi claims that there was no Duran Duran sample and "he'd sample a 90s record before an 80s record anyday" in response to Jim's interview with The Rap Up.

No idea why @therealkidcudi downplayed the collabo to a point where he said he wasn't even sure if he'd use the track he did with Jim on the album, but judging by him using the track as a lead single and him raving on Twitter about how proud he was of the track, it must have grown on him??
Whatever's clever,  it's a collabo with all the right ingredients that pushes the traditional Hip Hop envelope...oh and all you haters, quit shaking your head claiming it's too Pop for Hip Hop. Roll with the punches, adjust with the times, Gangsta Rap was damn near 20 years ago (#WeOffDat) and Hip Hop has evolved into a more listen-able, innovative and intelligent genre. Fans award creativity and being different now, so tracks like this, while they may sound different are opening up so many doors...doors that we don't even know are there, but the ones kids with talent who are inspired by this stuff will one day walk through.

Take it for what it's worth and use it as reason to be genuinely excited about the direction of Hip Hop as well as Cudi's new Moon Man adventure that's set to drop on September 14th...

Kid Cudi feat Kanye West - Erase Me (prod by Jim Jonsin)
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