Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"I Got That Courtney Love For Ya, That Crazy Shhh"

"Uh, it take a certain type of man to teach
To be far from hood, but to understand the streets"
You might be wondering where Drake got the title for his new track Paris Morton Music? This "new track", is actually more of an extension of the original called Aston Martin Music off Rick Ross's new Teflon Don album. Below is a longer version of this song with the same beat. See below...

You better believe Drake didn't just pull the title out of his ass neither, the real Paris Morton is a model from Jacksonville, GA (pictured below):
Yea I'd say she's adequate enough subject material to warrant being the title of the song. It doesn't just stop at Paris either, like all good things, Mortons come in threes. Seems she didn't take all the good looks in the family as her two sisters Brittony (@BRITTONYMORTON) and Ashley Morton (@mortonashley) are just are fine as her. Check out their Myspace page and Twitter @themortonsisters. See all three pictured below:
So now when @DRAKKARDNOIR makes a remix to Paris Morton Music and titles it The Morton Sisters, y'all will be at least a few steps ahead on the background info. Background info aside, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (@ROOKBEATS) produced the type of beat that Drake shines all over. You know the ones where he can slow it down with an R&B hook, but still crank out a top notch verse.
Notable Quoteables include but are not limited to:
"I took some sense and made a nickel of it"
"I got that Courtney Love for you, that crazy shit"
"Which one of y’all got fleets on your keychains? The seats for these Heat games?"
(Sidebar: Little foreshadowing with the Heat signings? Or did he add the verse after the signings? My guess is its post-Three Kings, which makes it that much more fresh)
"Havin’ lunch and debatin’ Ferrari prices
23 and goin’ through a midlife crisis"
And my personal favorite, where he ends the verse showing how well he knows his place in Hip Hop, being able to relate with the hardcore Hip Hop heads, but manage to not lose respect when he get's deep and at times sensitive:
Uh, it take a certain type of man to teach
To be far from hood, but to understand the streets
I never threw away that paper with my Grammy speech
Because I haven’t hit the pinnacles I plan to reach
Yeah, you gotta own it if you want it
Kisses all on her body, she tells me live in the moment
And, baby, I’ll never forget none of that
Girl, I told you I was coming back
I think through all the feedback Drake has wwwaaay more knowledge about what type of songs his fan base covets. Is it me or does this sound more like a track from So Far Gone than Thank Me Later? I know I know all the damn comparisons between the two albums need to be put to an end...but between this and 9 AM in Dallas, it's becoming pretty clear that Thank Me Later was him doing him regardless of what people thought.

In other words, this part two of him reeling us back in...

Drake - Paris Morton Music (prod by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
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