Monday, July 19, 2010

Ryan Tedder is the Man

Find me a better all around artist/group member/demo singer/writer and producer than Ryan Tedder. Dude does it all, he's been behind countless singles that have blow up on the radio and oh yea, ya he's also the lead singer for One Republic. I like how he's got a whole album's worth of hits listed on his wiki page as sort of a footnote that is explained as "Other Songs performed by Ryan Tedder". If you haven't heard his version of the songs below, it would behoove you to scour the internet for them:
  • All For You
  • Back To Me
  • Boy Like That
  • Dance
  • Day In The Life Of
  • Everything
  • I Will Try
  • If This is Love
  • Listen
  • On My Way Here
  • Show Me
  • Strong Enough
  • The Look
  • Unbroken
  • Gravity
  • Not 2 Luv You
  • Ice
I see at least 4 songs that I feel like are Billboard Top 100 Single worthy(The Look, Everything, Gravity, Not 2 Luv You), but they have yet to make it to the general populace. Maybe he's saving them as demos? Maybe they'll surface someday? Who knows, but it's getting a little absurd that he hasn't decided to launch a solo career based on those songs. I can respect how he's leading One Republic on their tour that's about to head overseas to Europe next month after finishing up their US tour by in Philly tomorrow night though.

As far as his two new tracks, it's a toss up right now which one I like better. I'm leaning toward Not 2 Luv You because as the track progresses so does the intensity on the synthesizers, blending perfectly with the head nodding beat and RT's on point vocals. It doesn't surprise me in the least that the always underrated Norwegian production team of Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Storleer Eriksen known as Stargate are behind the boards on both these demos. Peep the NY Times article putting a spotlight on the magic this duo creates without getting any publicity love for their creations. Check the first track below:

Ryan Tedder - Not 2 Luv You (prod by Stargate)
| Download

I could definitely see Rihanna doin' some serious work on this next power ballad. After hearing Ryan kill yet ANOTHER demo (Battlefield, Halo, Unbroken), I'm starting to think he's actually a terrible demo singer because he consistently sets the bar waaaay too high on his version. Sure @THEREALJORDIN and @BEYONCE were able to match his skills on the demo versions he had of Battlefield and Halo, but damn, you wanna talk about pressure, try following this dude. Definitely more of a dramatic, pull at your heart strings type of captivating ballad that is accentuated perfectly with the use of piano throughout the verses giving way to a crescendo of energy building up to the hook. At this point, I'm hoping Rihanna attempts to one up Tedder...gooood luck @RIHANNA...

Ryan Tedder - Ice (prod by Stargate) (Rihanna demo)


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